CODECH Women of Huehue Box Set

CODECH Women of Huehue Box Set

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Try the top 4 winners of the annual CODECH Cooperative competition. Our owner Hannah helped judge this event and was ecstatic when it was revealed that the top 4 were all women! All of these women produced amazing coffees and will receive well over the market rate per pound sold. Help support their continued efforts and experience the amazing differences between each of these coffees. 

You will receive four 4 ounce bags - one full pound total!

Woman Produced * Fair Trade * Organic

Limited Release, get it while you can!

This Guatemalan coffee comes to us from the very popular Huehuetenango region.

Pronounced (way-way-ten-an-go), this region is known for its exceptional production of quality coffee. Huehuetenango is a region protected against frost, due to the dry and hot winds that come from Mexico’s mountains. Coffees from here typically exhibit a fruitier profile than other regions in Guatemala.

These four coffees won 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th place in the CODECH Competition of 2018.  Purchasing this coffee supports each woman by giving money directly to the farmers for their hard work producing amazing coffee.

Origin Guatemala
Region Huehuetenango
Farm CODECH Co-op Adipy Association
Altitude 1900 MASAL
Proc. Method Washed
Roast Profile Light