Second Crack Membership | Medium to Dark Roasts

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    The Second Crack membership keeps you stocked up on our coffees with more development. Every month you'll receive one 12oz bag of a delicious coffee that has been roasted just a bit longer than our First Crack Coffees to bring out lovely chocolate, nut, and dark fruit nuances. Start your subscription today!

    Second Crack refers to the length of time coffee is roasted. During the roasting process, coffee beans make an audible popping noise called a "crack" and these cracks are cues for what stage of roasting the beans are in. Coffees in this subscription are roasted past the first crack (though not all the way to second) to bring out more well-developed flavor profiles.

  • Weight:

    0.75 lb

  • Product Type:

    Subscription Option

  • Brand:

    Copper Door Coffee