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    Elevate Your Coffee Experience with The Blends Membership. 

    Indulge in a world of deeper, more developed flavors with The Blends Membership, the key to your continuous supply of carefully roasted coffee. Choose between convenient two-week or one-month delivery frequencies, and enjoy the delightful experience of receiving one or two 12oz bags of our expertly crafted coffee. These blends are roasted just a bit longer than our Single Origin Coffees, unveiling rich chocolate, nutty, and dark fruit nuances that are bound to captivate your taste buds.

    **Delve into Deeper Roasts:**
    The Blends Membership takes coffee roasting to the next level. Our coffees have undergone the 'Second Crack,' a crucial point in the roasting process that brings out a more mature and nuanced flavor profile. As coffee beans roast, they emit an audible popping sound known as the "crack." The second crack signals the beans' transition to a deeper roast, capturing a realm of exquisite flavors that lie beyond the first crack.

    **The Magic of Darker Roasts:**
    These coffees are roasted past the first crack, although they don't reach the full extent of the second crack. This meticulous process achieves a balance that reveals the hidden treasures within the beans. You'll experience a rich and robust cup of coffee, adorned with the essence of dark chocolate, roasted nuts, and the subtle sweetness of dark fruits.

    With The Blends Membership, you're not just savoring coffee; you're embracing an art form that goes beyond the ordinary. Start your subscription today and immerse yourself in the captivating depths of coffee's darker side. Experience The Blends Membership and discover the enchantment of roasted perfection.

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    Copper Door Coffee

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