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Partnering with Us

Copper Door Coffee would love to provide fresh-roasted coffee for your office, restaurant, bar, co-working space, or retail shop with our brand - or yours.

About CDCR Wholesale

We roast to order every week, so you can be certain you're receiving some of the freshest specialty coffee available. With over a dozen coffees to choose from - both single-origin and blends - we feel certain that we can help you find the perfect fit for your business or event. Wholesale clients receive an excellent price point, FREE classes and trainings both at our roastery and on-site, equipment sales and help, custom-created blends, and many other perks.

The Process

Choosing your roasts is just the beginning. First, you'll meet with an expert coffee cupper to taste a few cups and decide which beans are right for you. We have a recommended bagging and label company, or you can have them shipped direct to us for fulfillment from your chosen company. Our weekly deadline is Monday at noon for wholesale orders to be placed. You can typically expect your fresh roasts by Friday! 

We ship all over the US and offer free delivery in the Denver area.

Copper Door Coffee Roasters supports women farmers from around the world. When you work with us, you help us achieve our goal of supporting women bean producers! We have working relationships with farms all over the world including Sumatra, Brazil, Guatemala, Burundi, and are working to establish more once travel opens again.

Wholesale pricing begins at 10 pounds per order.  We roast and ship fresh weekly to ensure your customers are satisfied with only the freshest beans. Don’t have a grinder?  No problem, we can grind the coffee right before shipping.

More About Copper Door Coffee Roasters

Owner & Coffee Enthusiast

As a literature professor and mother of two, she is dedicated to public education and relies on exceptional coffee everyday. Owning Copper Door Coffee Roasters gives Hannah the chance to blend creativity and science to bring you fresh roasted coffee.

Meet Hannah

Our Mission

We roast our coffee with 100% locally sourced wind power. Our sense of community responsibility, rather than an attempt to be fashionable, drove our choice to fuel our roasting processes with this environmentally conscious resource. 

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Charitable Donations

Our purpose at Copper Door Coffee Roasters is to provide you with the best possible fresh roasted coffee--coffee that reflects tradition and craftsmanship practiced around the world over hundreds of years.

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