Porta Aperta Espresso Blend
Porta Aperta Espresso Blend
Porta Aperta Espresso Blend
Copper Door Coffee

Porta Aperta Espresso Blend

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Tasting Notes

    • Baking Spice
    • Toasted Walnut
    • Cacao Nibs

Dark Roast

Origin  Brazil, Colombia
Region Minas Gerais, Huila
1200-2400 MASL
Processing Method Washed & Natural

One of the tenets of Copper Door is to select the best coffees available and do them no harm. This applies to our Espresso as well - it is not overly roasted into a thick, black mass of carbon, but is instead a sultry deep roast that brings out extraordinary flavors, with a punchy depth. Different? Yes! But award-winning as well!

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