Porta Aperta Espresso Brown label with porta filter
Porta Aperta label with notes of Baking Spice, Toasted Walnut, Cacao Nibs
Picture of our Porta Apera Espresso
Copper Door Coffee

Porta Aperta Espresso Blend

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Tasting Notes

    • Baking Spice
    • Toasted Walnut
    • Cacao Nibs

Dark Roast

Origin  Brazil, Colombia
Region Minas Gerais, Huila
1200-2400 MASL
Processing Method Washed & Natural

One of the tenets of Copper Door is to select the best coffees available and do them no harm. This applies to our Espresso as well - it is not overly roasted into a thick, black mass of carbon, but is instead a sultry deep roast that brings out extraordinary flavors, with a punchy depth. Different? Yes! But award-winning as well!

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