Four Sisters Espresso: Coffee With A Story

Posted on December 20 2016, By: Hannah Ulbrich

Our flagship espresso blend, Porta Aperta Espresso, has been a best-seller for 10 years.  It is nutty, dark, and still holds up perfectly in a latte.  About a year ago, I wanted to deepen the complexity of our espresso, blend different regions to get some additional acidic balance while keeping the integrity of milk based drinks.

We started playing with coffee (my favorite part of the job!) and came up with our newest blend: Four Sisters Espresso.  It has four regions represented-Colombia, Brazil, Costa Rica, and India.  It is sweet, spicy, and deep.

Not only is it named for the four regions, it is named for four sister-less women who have been friends for 11 years.  I met three smart, sassy, loyal women in my first year of teaching.  We have traveled, laughed, cried, attended weddings and funerals, and held each other's new born babies.   They are my sisters, and I honor them in this newest coffee offering here at Copper Door.

I am so happy to share Four Sisters Espresso Blend with you all!  It has been a year in the making, and I hope you love it as much as I do.


To find out more, or to purchase the Four Sisters Espresso Blend, click here.