Coffee Stories featuring the Santa Elena Farm of Costa Rica

Posted on March 14 2017, By: Joe Murray

The coffee industry is full of wonderful stories to be told. From baristas, to farmers, to roasters, everyone has a story to tell. This time around we're focusing on the story of a particular farm in Costa Rica: Santa Elena. 

We've had coffee from Santa Elena on our shelves for quite some time. They not only produce a great tasting product, the farm is woman-owned (which if you haven't noticed is a detail we really love)!

Luz Marina Trujillo, the owner of the farm, comes from a family of coffee producers. She grew up playing with coffee beans rather than dolls. Luz knows her coffee, and now produces some of the finest in the world. 

With a focus on sustainability and environmental protection, the farm uses a closed-loop fertilizing system that allows for discarded coffee pulps to be composted and recycled for re-use. Not only that, Trujillo focuses on reducing synthetic inputs for growing coffee and protecting the cleanliness of the river that flows through the farm.

Aside from the environmental efforts, Trujillo provides excellent housing, healthcare, and an advanced drinking water filtration system. It's safe to say that the Santa Elena farm has a lot going for it outside of just producing great coffee. 

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