New Limited Release Coffees

Posted on December 16 2016, By: Joe Murray

We’re very excited to be releasing two limited release micro-lot coffees. We looked long and hard for two coffees that really stood out to us as special, and we found that in our Costa Rica Jaguar Honey and Kenya Peaberry AA. These two coffees offer distinctly different flavor profiles that are sure to please.

The Costa Rica Jaguar Honey comes from the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, a region known for its coffee exports and one that we’ve sourced from before. This particular coffee is full of wonderful flavors including honey, caramelized malt, and cocoa nibs. Honey processed coffees typically have a ripe-fruit sweetness due to some of the mucilage being left on the bean while it dries.

In addition to this being an amazing coffee, a portion of your purchase of the Costa Rica Jaguar Honey benefits the Costa Rica Jaguar Preservation Program.  We were only able to secure 50 pounds of this reserve coffee and when it's out, it's out!

The Kenya Peaberry AA comes to us from Kiambu County, Kenya. We’ve been very excited to have this coffee in house and are equally excited to present it to you. This Kenyan coffee makes for a great cup or shot of espresso. As a coffee, look for notes of green grape peel, dried strawberry, and cocoa. As a shot of espresso, this Kenyan carries a very bright acidity with a green grape sweetness.

You can find both of these coffees on our shelves or on our website. Pick some up and let us know how you like them!