Sumatra Queen Ketiara | Supporting Women Coffee Farmers

Posted on January 09 2017, By: Joe Murray

As part of our Women In Coffee Series, we’d like to present to you our Sumatra Queen Ketiara. This Sumatran Coffee is one of our favorite offerings, not only for its great quality, but for its story as well.

What makes this coffee so special is that it is 100% women produced, which is extremely rare in the coffee industry. The Ketiara Cooperative was formed in 2009 with just 38 members. The organization now boasts nearly 2,000 members of small farmers in the Takengon region of Indonesia.

Ibu Rahmah, the founder of the Ketiara Cooperative, began by purchasing a few kilos of coffee cherries. She processed the coffee by hand, presented it to traders in the area, ultimately leading to the current day Ketiara Cooperative.

The cooperative is dedicated to growing organic and fair trade coffee. While their focus is growing great coffee, they are also working to create a fairer trading climate for farmers, employees, and customers. They're doing great work towards creating a trading climate where women can take the lead in a male-dominated industry. The Ketiara Cooperative is truly badass.

To find out more about the Ketiara Cooperative, visit their website here.

The Ketiara Cooperative has grown a truly great coffee, and we’re excited to share it with you. You can find it online here, or on the shelves in our shop!