A Step-By-Step Guide to Brewing Great Coffee on a Hario V60

Posted on January 03 2017, By: Hannah Ulbrich

The Hario V60 offers the user complete control over their coffee, making it a very popular brewing method among home users and coffee professionals as well. The V60 allows you to customize the body, strength, and ultimately the taste of the coffee. Experimenting on the V60 with different brew times and grind sizes can be quite fun. Our recipe below yields a bright, medium bodied cup that is sure to please.

Tools you’ll need

  1. Hario V60 Brewer
  2. Bona Vita Gooseneck Kettle
  3. Hario V60 Filters
  4. 22g of freshly ground coffee
  5. Digital Scale & Timer
  6. Water just off boil
  7. Your favorite coffee mug!

Our recipe yields a 12oz. cup of coffee, finishing at 352g of water.

Coffee Grind Size

One of the fun parts of the V60 is the ability to customize your final cup. Grind size plays a major role in that finished product. For our recipe, we recommend a grind size similar to sugar. On some grinders, this would be a finer drip coffee setting. Click here for more info on the importance of grind size.

Step 1: Rinse

Heat your water to boil. Once it has hit boiling point, rinse your filter to remove excess paper dust. Not rinsing the filter can greatly affect the taste of your cup. Discard the rinse water and add your grounds to the filter. Place mug with V60 brewer on your scale and zero the scale.

Step 2: The Bloom

The next step is to bloom the coffee grounds. Pour 44g of water, making sure to saturate all the grounds. The blooming process allows for CO2 in the coffee to be released, allowing for a more consistent extraction of all the grounds. After you’ve poured the 44g, allow the coffee to sit for about 30 seconds, or until bubbles have just about stopped rising to the top of the grounds.

Step 3: Slowly Pour

After your bloom has finished, begin pouring water slowly in a quarter-sized circle around the center of the grounds. Avoid the edges of the grounds as water will drip directly into your cup. Continue pouring slowly until you’ve reached 352g of water. You’ll want to hit 352g around 1:45 and let the rest of the water drip through. The entire brewing process should last between 2:15-2:30.

Step 4: Enjoy!

Once the water has completely dripped through the V60, it’s time to enjoy. Remove your V60 from your mug and enjoy!

Remember there is no wrong way to brew! The great thing about manual brewing is the room for creativity. Have your own recipe for V60 that is the bomb? Share it with us on social media!


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