• Product Info

    • Your coffee-loving friend or family member will receive one 12oz bag of coffee each month for three months.
    • It's a one-time payment of $60.
    • Two membership options are available:
      • Roaster's Reserve: Featuring single-origin coffees, perfect for coffee connoisseurs who enjoy lighter roasts with complex and nuanced flavors.
      • Blends & More: Featuring darker roasted coffees with deep notes of chocolate and nuttiness, ideal for those who prefer darker roast profiles.
    • Free shipping is included.

    This subscription is a great way to treat a coffee enthusiast to a variety of high-quality coffee experiences over three months. The option to choose between Roaster's Reserve and Blends & More allows the recipient to tailor their coffee selection to their taste preferences.

    For any questions or assistanceĀ contact us here, ensuring a seamless and personalized experience for the gift giver and recipient.

  • Roast:

    Light Roast, Medium Roast, Dark Roast, Blend, Espresso,

  • Weight:

    0.75 lb

  • Collection:

    Woman Produced

  • Brand:

    Copper Door Coffee

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